Monday, November 17, 2008

Typical 1900 Meals

A typical 1900 meal is breakfast: prunes with stewed raisins; fried smelts; creamed potatoes; waffles with maple syrup; coffee. Lunch is: deviled eggs, hot rolls, tea. Dinner is: clear soup;panned hare; brown sauce; rice and tomatoes; cole slaw; wafers; cheese; peach tapioca with whipped cream; and coffee.

Or for breakfast: stewed fruit, curried sausages; rice puffs; French fried potatoes; ; coffee. Lunch is: veal sandwiches; muffins; apple rice balls; plain cake; tea. Dinner is: cream of barley soup; mutton ragout with grated cheese; browned potatoes; mashed young turnip; apple and celery salad; baked Indian pudding with caramel sauce, coffee.


Gavin said...

Is this a typical meal for Britain or the USA?

Eric said...

cool list